Is Homies For Hydration a nonprofit?

We are registered in the UK as a Company Limited by Guarantee, so there are no shares or shareholders. These types of companies tend to be ones that nonprofits set up - you can get some further info here. But we're not a registered nonprofit, firstly because it is a process that also takes more time than we wanted to wait to get this started, and because we actually wouldn't be able to run this shop through that legal entity. It is something we will consider in the future however.

You're welcome to view our articles of incorporation, whose objects demonstrate our social purpose. TLDR: we want to raise funds to tackle water scarcity.

What products do you sell?

Our main product is our quality water bottles, as well as branded clothing and stickers. But we're excited about the possibility of having a wide range of relevant accessories, clothes and products that can help raise much needed funds!

In keeping with our mission to have a positive impact on the world, we strive to sell products that have been manufactured in environmentally friendly and ethical ways.

Where is the money going?

We're not taking salaries from this, so after we cover our costs, profits will go to WaterAid, an international charity that does amazing work to reach millions of people with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, enabling entire communities to unlock their potential, break free from poverty and change their lives for good. At the same time, WaterAid also works with people, organisations and governments around the world to make lasting change happen on a massive scale.

We're planning on giving much more, but to celebrate the opening on the store we've donated £10/$13.15 to WaterAid already: 

£10 donation
Various team members have also given to WaterAid and the Flint Water Fund; screenshots of these donations are here.

Why WaterAid and not another nonprofit or smaller ones?

The brief answer is because the community - through our discord channel - decided WaterAid would be the recipient of our donations. 

The slightly longer answer is that WaterAid felt like a great organisation to fundraise for as we're getting started. It has a track record of delivery and transparency, and we felt confident that the money raised would go to good use. But we also recognize there may be more effective ways of achieving our vision of a world without water scarcity, and depending on the success of our endeavour, will research how our donations can have the most impact, which may mean donating to another charity or to smaller organisations.

I saw the reddit meme that started all of this a few weeks ago, why has it taken so long to kick this off?

Great question. When the meme was posted there were copycats springing up left, right and center: people just taking the subreddit logo and sticking it on a tshirt, claiming the funds would go to charity. Fair play if they made any money, and props if they in fact donated. But if you bought one of those copycat products, you couldn't be 100% sure your money would in fact go to charity.

It has taken us some time because we really wanted to do this right, and ensure the community had its say.

So what have you done to "do this right"?

A lot! We gave the community time to propose and vote on a name, a cause to support and designs. We put all of that together, ordered some samples, liaised with suppliers, designed a website, created a company with a purpose and opened a bank account to keep all the finances separate.

What this gives us is an entity that is dedicated to the purpose and the capability of being as transparent as possible, notably by publishing our financial accounts and proof that we've donated funds.

I really like your idea and would like to give you some support! What can I do?

The best way to help us is to purchase one of our products, but if you would like to support our project further, please consider donating to our paypal, following us on social media or joining our Discord server (which, in addition to being a nice place to chat to us, is simply a nice place to hang out).

If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, or otherwise need to get in touch, you can reach us at homiesforhydration@gmail.com