It's Election Day tomorrow...

Walter encourages to vote

Like most of us you're probably sick and tired of hearing about the US election; it's been looming over us for what seems like years now, even considering the strange time warp that 2020 has been... Fortunately we're nearly there, since tomorrow is election day (even if it might take some time to get all the result counted).

Not everyone reading this will have the right to vote, but everyone has a stake in this election - even those of us outside of the US, and yes, even octopuses like Walter.

Octopuses don't have political parties (to our knowledge anyway), so we're not going to promote a particular agenda - and anyway, on the eve of the election you should have all the information you need to decide which candidate you support.

But what we fervently believe in is democracy. And so what do want to promote is the act of voting. Voting is a right, but we also believe it's a citizen's duty: to be engaged, to make your voice heard, to have an impact and influence change. Because your vote really matters, and because decisions that will impact your life will be made by the people who get voted in office (at all levels - federal or local).

If you are registered to vote and you haven't done so already, please, please find the time and go to the polls tomorrow. And please stay safe while doing so. has all the information you need to help you express yourself.



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